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Science: It's a girl thing!
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6 reasons science needs you

The challenges our world faces need to be tackled by all of us. Here you’ll find the key ideas we need to work on together and you’ll be able to see if any of them fire up your inner scientist!

Climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials

You can help efforts to use our planet’s natural resources carefully and take action on global warming

Reducing environmental damage 

We are consuming too many resources, generating a lot of waste, and causing potentially irreversible damage to the environment and the climate. The increasing burden we are placing on the planet cannot go on forever and the impact of global warming is already being felt. We need to turn the situation around and you could well have a role to play in that.

Taking care of our species and resources 

Designers who can create objects that use less electricity, inventors and environmental engineers who can come up with better ways of recycling or retrieving precious elements from waste, biologists who can work out effective ways to conserve species – there are so many ways you could help that the only real limit is your imagination!

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