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Science: It's a girl thing!
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6 reasons science needs you

The challenges our world faces need to be tackled by all of us. Here you’ll find the key ideas we need to work on together and you’ll be able to see if any of them fire up your inner scientist!

Innovative and secure societies

You can make the most out of great ideas to create a safe society

The age of the internet

Maybe you use the internet every day – if so you are not alone. Whether you are checking out what your friends are up to on Facebook, deciding what film to see over the weekend or studying for your new exam, the internet is an indispensible tool.

But did you know that the trains you get on, the electricity you use, the food that fills the shelves in your local supermarket and the money you get out of the bank all depend on the internet being reliable and safe?

The science of online safety

Safety is key for our modern society. You could become a data security specialist who tackles cybercrimes like hacking and protects people's online safety, or a robotics engineer who develops innovative robots to work in dangerous environments or in places humans cannot go.

From tiny nano machines to satellite communications in space, if you want to develop life-changing innovations, step up and accept the challenge!

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