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Science: It's a girl thing!
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6 reasons science needs you

The challenges our world faces need to be tackled by all of us. Here you’ll find the key ideas we need to work on together and you’ll be able to see if any of them fire up your inner scientist!

Secure, clean and efficient energy

You can help find sources of energy

Making it clean, making it green

Finding sources of clean, green energy is a great challenge facing us all today. At the moment we rely very heavily on carbon fuels like petrol, gas and coal to light and heat our homes, businesses and industries.

The resulting pollution produces greenhouse gasses – so called because they are causing the earth to heat up. This heating up of the earth is called global warming and it may be the cause of water shortages, rising sea levels and other environmental problems.

Innovating for accessible, affordable energy

To try and limit this rise in temperature, the EU has set itself the target of boosting our use of greener energy sources by 20% by 2020. But to do this, business, industry and people paying household energy bills need to be able to afford the energy coming from sources like wind, waves or the sun. At the moment the price of the energy produced by these non-carbon sources is high.

This is where you come in. We need researchers, innovators and renewable energy engineers to make energy from solar panels, wind farms and other renewable energy sources more accessible and efficient. We also need to find new ways of creating energy that are environmentally friendly. Do you think you can help?

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