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Issue 01, June 2014

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Science: it's a girl thing!

Latest news from ‘Science: it's a girl thing!’

‘Science: it’s a girl thing!’ turns two!

Science: it's a girl thing! The ‘Science: it’s a girl thing!’ campaign proudly celebrates its second birthday this month. And as we blow out the birthday candles, we are happy to report that the campaign continues to go from strength to strength!

Since the beginning of the campaign, our thriving online community of young scientists has grown to over 70 000 likes on Facebook. Our ‘What does science mean to you? ‘ photo contest is now in its second edition and attracting fantastic and artistic contributions from teams across Europe.

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However, we’re not only an online sensation. Back in 2012, we opened with a bang in museums around Europe. In association with ECSITE, we introduced the campaign to eager young scientists around europe with a multi-stop museum tour. in the netherlands, poland, germany, austria and italy, we organised interactive science activities to intrigue and excite pupils.

We’re a regular presence at science events and fairs such as the European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS). we have recently begun an exciting collaboration with Scientix to promote gender equality in the classroom.

What does science mean to you? photo contest

The current edition of our ‘What does science mean to you?’ photo contest will end in a few weeks. this year, we have enjoyed another wonderful array of artistic-scientific entries from across europe!

Over 160 teams have taken part and so far Romania was by far the best represented country with 41 entries, followed by Italy. But it’s not over yet! The voting stage is still ongoing until the end of June.

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All of our monthly winners so far have received a bag of ‘Science: it’s a girl thing!’ goodies. The overall winning team, which will be announced in July, will be awarded a trip to Warsaw (Poland) to attend the European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) in September. The second prize team will win a trip to Ispra (Italy) to visit exciting research labs and facilities at the European Commission's in-house science service, the Joint Research Centre! each member of the team that wins third prize will receive a very trendy‘Science: it’s a girl thing!’ ICE Watch.

‘Science: it’s a girl thing!’ gets app happy!

Our unique ‘ask a scientist’ Facebook app was launched in march and continues to gain momentum among our fans. the app gives young women the chance to engage directly and individually with 14 distinguished female scientists from across europe. users can pose questions about specific fields of science, career paths and life as a scientist to each of this top panel of women in science.

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Our scientists speak 16 European languages and their specialties range from medicine and railway engineering to cosmic dust and laser physics. To engage with these diverse scientists, all users have to do is access the app via their Facebook account. They can then click on the scientist of interest – from a polar explorer to a molecular biologist – and send them a private message with their science-related question.

We’re always looking for more women scientists to get involved with the campaign. If you are interested in featuring on our app or more generally as a role model, please get in touch with us at

Women scientists, be a campaign role model!

‘Science: it’s a girl thing!’ is calling on women scientists from across Europe to get involved in our campaign. Already 150 women scientists participate in our activities and help us to really show young women the vast possibilities that a career in science has to offer.

Keep reading to learn about the many big and small ways that you can get involved. Remember, it can be as simple as posting some photos of you and your work on our facebook page!

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You can get involved by:

If you are interested in getting involved, you can get in contact with us via:

Call for video profiles of women in science

Are you a renewable energy engineer or a neuroscientist? Do you specialise in data security or climatology? ‘Science: it’s a girl thing!’ would like you and other profiles (see below) to shoot a video of your life in science to feature on our website!

As you may have seen, the dream jobs section on the ‘Science: it’s a girl thing!’ website offers descriptions of 24 exciting jobs in science. we would like to create a video profile of women in science to match each of the 24 dream jobs. this way, young women get a living snapshot of real women scientists, both at work and in their free time.

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A number of inspiring women working in science already feature in our video profiles. However, there are a number of professions that we are missing and we are eager to represent them. If you belong to one of the professions below and are interested in shooting a video, please get in contact with us via:

We’ll send you a tutorial and we’ll take care of the editing. For inspiration, here are some existing video profiles of women in science.

Renewable Energy Engineer Data Security Specialist Environmental Geriatrician Climatologist
Ocean Engineer Software Engineer Agronomist Marine Biologist
Fuel Cell Engineer Robotics Engineer Dietician Environmental Engineer
Geologist Aerospace Engineer Biochemist Hydrologist
Computer Forensic Analyst Mechanical Engineer Zoologist Naval architect


24-25 June: Science and Mathematics Education Conference (Dublin)

7-11 July: Earth Day in Science Education (Malta)

8-16 August: Geniale Science Festival (Germany)

18 – 21 September: Students' Science Conference (Wroclaw)

19-24 September: EUCYS (European Union Contest for Young Scientists) (Poland)

If you have events that you would like us to highlight taking place in October, November or December, send them to us at:

Campaign highlights on social media

Do you know which sound they are most attuned to?

By how much approximately?

Human DNA is around 50% identical to the DNA of what animal or food?

How many legs does a spider have?

Discover the profiles of other women in science on our website

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